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The 7 Drawers

The 7 Drawers

Sleepy, Happy, Sexy, Busy, Excited, Preppy and Goth

Great fashion starts with the right foundation

The rules just changed

A New Generation of Shapewear.
Body Shapers so adorable
you'll want to wear them in public!

Crazy Sexy Comfy

Jewel Toned

Colorful Shapewear
Wireless bras and Lace Underwear

Simplicity + Beauty

Shaping Slip

Shapewear that's meant to be seen!
Either worn on it's own,
or layered as part of an outfit.

Layerable + Versatile

Bodycon Bodysuit

Completely seamless and versatile.
A body shaper that takes you
from yoga class to date night.

Body Positive


Seamless, timeless and multi-functional.
A body shaper so cute,
you can let it be seen.

Everyday Style

Comfortable Underwear

an essential part of
your everyday wardrobe.
Designed to enhance your outfit!

Unique Like You

Active Lifestyle

Multi-functional shapewear
that can be worn on the go
For either work or Play.

Hello You!

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