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Why Shapewear Needs to be the New Makeup

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Makeup is such a huge part of female life. Whether you wear it or not, you are surrounded by it everyday. Makeup is a passion and love for a lot of women, causing them to spend endless amounts of money on all the new products and acquire drawers full of it. There are now tons of beauty influencers, bloggers, vloggers, etc. who are literally famous for doing great makeup. Women love talking about makeup and showing off how well they can do it. So if makeup is used to enhance your naturally beautiful face, and shapewear is used to enhance your naturally beautiful figure, then why do so many women show off about makeup but are so ashamed of wearing shapewear? The concepts are the same but relate to different parts of the body. Just like nail polish is used to enhance your hands and feet, but women love to show off their new mani/pedi to everyone they come into contact with.


Why is there so much shame in enhancing your beautiful figure? We use endless products to enhance every other part of our bodies, but we aren’t ashamed of those. Shapewear needs to be on the same level as makeup and nail polish, where women love showing it off and are proud of it.


This starts with self love and being proud of the skin you’re in. It happens when we stop picking apart other women for their flaws and start SUPPORTING them instead. When we create an environment where women don’t have to hide their imperfections, then we create an environment where shapewear is socially acceptable and something women show off about wearing.


So let's start a movement to make shapewear as exciting and fun as makeup. Let's start a movement to take the shame out of shapewear and get women to start talking about shapewear the same way they talk about makeup. There is nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your naturally beautiful body! You are beautiful just the way you are, but sometimes enhancements add a little pep to your step. 

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