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Every Beach/Pool Is Your Runway

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Summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means: bikini season. This is a dreaded time for a lot of women, as they are afraid of wearing a bathing suit and ashamed of how they look at the pool. It shouldn't be a scary time though. When it’s 100 degrees in the dead of summer you have every right to throw on a swimsuit and hit the nearest pool or beach, with confidence and most of all, fun!

Pool Rules: It’s super hot. Wear as little as possible. Hailee is in Major Mini Dress In Navy.

While health and fitness goals are always important, we need to stop beating ourselves up for not hitting our weight loss goal by the beginning of summer. You can still rock a bikini even if you didn’t lose the anticipated 10 pounds! We need to learn to be comfortable with our bodies and stop judging other women for how they look in a bikini. We should be going up to every girl saying “you look amazing!” and “yaaaas rock that bikini!” Imagine how much more confident everyone would feel at the pool if even one girl said that to her. We need to start complimenting and empowering each other instead of picking apart every flaw and judging based on appearances. 

bodysuit shapewear

Throw this bodysuit on over your bikini with some cutoffs before you head to the beach, and then pair it with a cute skirt to take you from the beach to the bar.

Bathing suits and underwear are usually when women feel most vulnerable, because so much of your body is exposed. The human body is a beautiful thing and something everyone has, so why are we so scared to show it? This summer let’s change the way we think about swimsuits and exposing our bodies to the public. Walk on to the beach like it’s a runway and you are showing off your gorgeous body to the world!

grey lace undies 
Dance on the rooftop and show off the cutest bralette and undies ever!

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