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Put On The Mini Dress Without Putting On Shame

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Anggie in The Major Mini Dress® in Emerald

As the CEO of a shapewear company, I receive a lot of messages from women about getting ready, which for many women, includes body shapers. It’s interesting how common it is to wear them, yet most women hide it. Perhaps we tell our best girlfriend, but no significant others, colleagues or other friends. Some feel comfy with asking for a shaper when shopping in a boutique and some don’t.

Why is that? We talk about push-up bras freely. I’m not suggesting we should run around telling everyone our secrets at all, but if it’s purposefully hidden, this could cause shame stress. Shame stress is a type of stress that’s so common we don’t even notice it. Bringing awareness to it can help us tune in to the negative dialog we’re saying to ourselves, that over time can hurt self-esteem.

black mini dress shapewear

Hailee in The Major Mini Dress®

What are you saying to yourself? Some common things I hear:

“I need to cover that up.”

“I hope no one sees me without shapewear.”

“If I just lost 5 more pounds.”

“I’ll start a diet tomorrow so I don’t need these things.”

“I can’t believe I have to wear something I can’t breathe in.”

“I’m getting older.”

“I’m getting fat.”

I also get lectures on why they DON’T NEED it which is sometimes just as profound.

“I go to the gym so I don’t need shapewear.”

“Oh I don’t need that.”

“I hope I never need that.”

In reality, shapewear is the modern day corset and should be beautiful. Great fashion starts with the right foundation. Some styles of today require a foundation garment because they are tight, sheer, lace, crochet, laser cut, deep scoop or baggy.

Shaping the silhouette has been around since the 1500s, so why stop now when we have the most curve-conscious styles ever? Let's notice what we're saying to ourselves, learn to catch it it's tracks and replace it with a more suitable mantra: I am beautiful. My body takes me through my life that I love and I embrace how gorgeous I am today. 

Embrace it, shape it and shake it! You are beautiful today….just the way you are.


Dani, Allexa, Kat and Nikki in The Bodysuit with built in bra and shaping technology

Rachael is the CEO of Jewel Toned, a fashion industry veteran, lingerie expert and life coach. Have comments about this or a story to share? Send her a note at: design@shopjeweltoned.com

Rachael McCrary
Rachael McCrary


Rachael is a fashion designer, life coach, Hindu philosopher and lingerie expert. She advises early stage companies on funding and branding and is committed to helping more women be comfortable in their own skin.

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