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Interview With Her Mag Founder, Nineveh Madsen

Our CEO, Rachael McCrary, was featured on the cover of Her Magazine (cover pictured below). She enjoyed the process of being featured in a publication made by women, featuring women. Rachael became close with Nineveh, the founder of Her and wanted to, in turn, learn about how she started the women-focused read. 

Rachael McCrary for Her Magazine Jewel Toned Shapewear CEO

What prompted you to start HER? 

My background is in broadcast news. After more than a decade in the industry as a news reporter and anchor, I decided to create content focused on empowering women. There were many moments in my career that I felt disempowered as a woman. News can be a grind, and there were many stories I was moved by that didn’t necessarily make the cut on to the airwaves. Topics I wanted to venture into that were too taboo. I saw the digital space as an opportunity for me to create a voice for the stories and ideas I was most passionate about. I lost interest in the old media model, and quickly gained a passion for creating content on my own terms.

nineveh for jewel toned shapewear

You seem to love what you do. Did you always want to have your own magazine? What were you doing before? 

I have an adoration for story telling, absolutely. I love talking to people, getting to know their perspectives on life and business and finding out how they were able to achieve success. The truth is I didn’t really know what I wanted to do growing up; I always had a passion for writing but floated through high school, guessing my way into college. I like the arts, fashion, and writing - I am a creative spirit. I first discovered my desire to launch a magazine when I was writing for the school paper in community college. I was the Editor at the time, and I remember distinctly opening up a word document and writing the words PLUM MAGAZINE across the blank page. I highlighted the font, made it bold and changed the color to a dark purple. That’s as far as I got. 

From there, I interned at several TV stations in San Francisco and discovered a deep passion for television news reporting. I found my way back to that blank canvas in college, and now I’m pursuing a vision I’ve had for decades. 

Before TV, I was a makeup artist and esthetician. Those skills would come in handy later in my career ha! 

What surprising influence has your magazine had on your life? Has it promoted you to make any changes that you didn’t anticipate?

It’s taught me how to persevere. It’s taught me to be patient, and that I am not in control of everything. It’s taught me to stand firm in my beliefs, and stand true to who I am. Often times, we bend to make others comfortable or conform so that we don’t rattle or ruffle any feathers. I’ve definitely found my voice and become more fearless in my pursuit. Building a business is not easy; there are so many challenges you have to navigate, unexpected and unwanted surprises - but there’s a lesson at every corner you face and that’s what is so exhilarating. 

Who is your dream feature? If you could interview any woman alive for the cover, who would you select and why? 

Oh this is TOUGH! I can pick just one? I’ve been working hard on getting Arianna Huffington. I interviewed her about 15 years ago as a college student when she was running for Governor of California; this was right at the start of her HuffPost career. I would love to reinterview her all these years later. 

Other women on my list: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Ivanka Trump

just to name a few…

But besides the A-listers, I am also moved by stories of ‘everyday’ women who are doing extraordinary things. While some of these big names would add so-called star power to our publication, I think there are many women who are not in the limelight whose stories the world needs to hear, and we try to focus on them the most. 

What’s your one beauty product you can’t live without? 

Just one? Ha. Clearly, I have a tough time picking just one (see above answer).  Bronzer. I would normally say lipstick, but bronzer can serve as not only a highlighter for your face, it can double up as a shadow and you can even use it to ‘toast’ your lips. 

Jewel Toned is about women promoting positive body messaging  to ourselves. 

Have you ever worn a body shaper? How did it make you feel? (both traditional shapers and the JT product)

The first time I bought a body shaper was about a year ago (in my mid 30’s) - I thought, “So it’s come to this…” 

Body Shaper at the time represented a negative connotation - this meant to have to wear this shaper meant I was not proud of my body or that I had gained a little too much weight. I remember wearing it one evening, and instead of feeling more secure about my shape since it ‘sucked’ everything in, I felt insecure about the fact that I had to wear one! 

When JT was introduced to me, it was at a time that I was going through IVF (in 2016) and thanks to hormone shots and being more sedentary than usual, I saw a lot of changes in my body. I remember wearing the JT body shaper on a trip to visit my family over some tights. I threw on a button up jeans top with it and some knee high boots, looked in the mirror and thought wow I look good! It was a much different feeling than your typical body shaper. Now I want one in every color!!! 

Do you have a message for our customers as they go into the New Year?  

Going through IVF taught me a lot about appreciating my body - the battle it’s been through, and the strength it has to endure. We all have different body types - and I think it’s important not to put down one body type over the other. There are women who are naturally more shapely and that’s beautiful. There are also women who are naturally thinner and that’s beautiful too. It’s really learning to embrace your self at the stage that you’re at right now, and working on improving your overall health. If you focus on health  and the way you feel rather than just the image staring back at you in the mirror, then you can begin to have a much healthier relationship with your body. Besides, not all mirrors are created equal. 

'A woman's vision is realized the moment she truly believes in the power of her purpose.'


Jewel Toned
Jewel Toned


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