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Call of Beauty: Episode 1

Trina Felber, the CEO of Primal Life Organics, and I met on a program called Business Rockstars. We appreciate their willingness to feature women entrepreneurs. We started chatting frequently about the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. The desire to have a full life, finding fulfillment with work, working out, having girlfriends, a family and pets while finding time to read and stay up on pop culture and even try that hip new restaurant in an attempt to remain relevant. This does not leave much time for sleeping.

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We started to support each other when the other felt overwhelmed and celebrate each other’s wins. Through our conversations we decided to share our struggles, tips and journeys with you all. Perhaps we can help one another as women, and we are of course always open to hear stories as well.

I started this company to change the dialogue women have about shapewear. I wanted to create something new, special and different. Not only so they would look prettier on the outside, but so they would feel more beautiful when getting ready. Trina's company and Jewel Toned both are in the business of empowering women both inside and out. 

Rachael McCrary
Rachael McCrary


Rachael is a fashion designer, life coach, Hindu philosopher and lingerie expert. She advises early stage companies on funding and branding and is committed to helping more women be comfortable in their own skin.

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