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Jewel Toned Saved My Outfit

By: Samantha Stigliano

I drooled over this long sleeve, fitted, cream, patterned dress for a few months. It was perfect: sexy, yet appropriate. Form fitting, flattering, and reflected my personal style. I am lucky enough to have an observant husband, and he ended up getting me the dress for my birthday. I had capital P Plans for this dress. The night he gave it to me, I tried it on, and it fit perfect. There was just one catch: the front has a slit, no problem right? But the slit goes up SO high, that it is literally half an inch from showing off my literal feminine mystique. I put the dress in my closet, decided I couldn’t wear it for the few events I had coming up because I didn’t want to give my family a special genitals workshop, and let it hang there until I had something appropriate to wear it to. The problem with that plan is: there is literally nothing appropriate to wear a dress with a slit that high to, nothing. Every single time I need to think of what to wear to an event, it was the first thing I thought to wear, and always ended up picking something else for fear of being uncomfortable all night long because I was showing more than I wanted to. I even remember going to the website I originally saw it on and reading reviews of girls who were all saying the same thing: “What the hell with this front slit?”

mini slit slip dress minidress shapewear

This is what I fell in love with, and then what eventually sat in my closet, unworn, for 2 years.

Fast forward 2 years, (it sat in my closet for 2 years!) work is nuts, I’m coordinating the year’s big event, my schedule is so busy, and budget so tight, that getting something new for the event is not even an option. I do one of those closet checks to see what my options are the morning before, hoping to find a hidden gem I had somehow forgotten that I owned, and was magically perfect, but no dice. I saw the Floral dress with the slit of doom, which now hangs in my closet in my new house, in a different position in the closet, just above where I keep all my undergarments, including the few pieces of shapewear that I own. Then it dawns on me – that shapewear might actually be the solution.

I generally swear by the Jewel Toned Major Mini for a few reasons: I love its slimming effect, I feel super cute in it, and wearing dresses in the winter in New England can get super cold, so wearing a comfortable, snug layer under dresses for work etc, makes dressing up so much more bearable and awesome. Plus, I love supporting independent, female owned businesses so, win, win, win. I decided to try the JT Major Mini (in black) with black tights, under the dress, it was honestly just what this dress was missing.

shapewear jewel toned undies mini dress

The whole look, plus the Major Mini still looks cute - even underneath.

Of course, because I am awesome and have the Jewel Toned CEO on speed dial (and she's saved in my phone as Angelina Jolie-Pitt for a more interesting lock screen), I was so excited I texted her this:

shapewear jewel toned major mini blog

 Yes, she is saved in my phone as Angelina Jolie-Pitt, don't ask...


shapewear jewel toned major mini body shaper

Look Ma, No Bra! I was clearly feeling myself. Slit of doom no more!

We both agreed it actually adds another element that makes the dress work way better than without. The Major Mini has a built in bra as well, so the dress looked streamline, smooth, and flattering on me all night long. I felt super confident, that not only did it look good, but everything was going to stay in its place while I ran around at the event, and I could have my focus completely on actually being present, and not worrying about the slit, or feeling less than awesome about my weight in the dress.

I honestly can’t wait to wear it again. Thank you Jewel Toned, and Angelina Jolie Pitt, for saving my outfit for the evening.

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Jewel Toned
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