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Blush Is The New Beige

Move over beige, blush is the new wardrobe essential. 

In a day where your average body shaper slightly resembles a band-aid (sorry Spanx) and doesn’t match anyones skin color, what’s a gal to do?

As we step back to the basics, we look to neutral colors to incorporate into our wardrobe. Black is a must have, gray is a safe color, white is an everyday essential, and now let’s add in blush.

Blush gives us the perfect mid-tone for any skin tone. Whether it enhances a darker skin tone, compliments an olive skin tone, or resembles a second skin for a lighter skin tone, swapping out beige for blush is a must have for your wardrobe.

Layered underneath your summer sheer white dress for body shaper coverage or worn just by itself as an essential mini dress, owning a Blush Major Mini could make you swear off beige for fashion ever. 

Here at Jewel Toned, we look to some of our favorites for their best style interpretations with the Jewel Toned Major Mini. These bombshell bloggers, babes and fashionable moms show off their "bodycon shaper meets mini dress” in just the right ways, we would be fools to not steal their style.

Let’s take a tip or two from them and get to styling. 

Is it safe to say that blush is the new beige? We think so.

XO, Jewel Toned

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shapewear jewel toned mini dress blush undies

@steph_pollack & @skinny_buddha

shapewear jewel toned mini dress blush undies

@sincerelykingb & @nicoleiwamura

shapewear jewel toned mini dress blush

@ashbrooke_balanced & @genuineporcelain

Kristi S
Kristi S


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