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Jewel Toned: The Heart Series with Colette Miller

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Jewel Toned is a brand committed to supporting the curves and dreams of all women. As much as our shapers tone your incredible curves, we believe the stories behind the women who live their dreams set the tone for our culture as a brand and as women. 

Our latest project, Jewel Toned: The Heart Series, explores women with strong feminine qualities in a variety of inspirational ways. This week, we get to know Colette Miller.


My mother grew up in Holland and Indonesia and my father in America, I feel  globally connected, rather then a patriotic member of one country. I find one's environment can be very influential, emotionally, physically and mentally on what one is called to paint.

My art is inspired by my heart, dreams, philosophies, memories, psychic or intuitive forces and color and movement. I never consider a painting finished until I reach a point of love for the piece, a certain wholeness and completeness; where nothing essentially nags at me, telling me its not done. I believe successful art tends to invoke a type of meditation or mind travel.


Skid Row, Downtown Los Angeles

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After a tragic incident with a homeless man being shot by LAPD, I was sanctioned by General Jeff to do a pair on San Julian and 6th St., dedicated to human spirit.


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Cuba was installed in 2015 with support of Martha de Perez, a Cuban national, and other locals in an arts district called Playa in Havana. A wall was sanctioned and a party and event was held. The Cuba Wings were symbolic of the United States and Cuba's new better relations.

Juarez, Mexico

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Working with Juarez es Resiliente. I decided that Juarez, which was coming out of very violent times due to the control of the streets by drug cartels, I could use the Wings to remind humanity of its good. One photo taken by a professional photographer was nominated as one of the Photos of the Day and Week internationally in such publications as CNN, NY Post, Arabia World, BBC, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Die Welt, Jakarta News, etc.


[While] guerrilla filming, and also placing Angel Wings in Kenya in 2012, I met some street kids that were living in a courtyard. Some were involved with a community lead, Muchoki Mwangi, who had organized a boxing club to help the youths. The club was named after the wings I had placed in Kayole outskirts of Nairobi.

Main Street, Downtown Los Angeles

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These wings on the regent became very well-known, in part to Professional LA photographer Gary Leonard and his photos of three LA mayors and five Mayor candidates, plus mainly local Angelenos. The photos of Gary were exhibited in the Cathedral Lady of Angels and the exhibit was even blessed by the Archbishop.


Baltimore, Maryland

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After the Freddie Gray riots, and being at the time on the East Coast, I drove up to Baltimore. I talked to the locals and found a wall. This pair was dedicated to the tragedy and the hope of peace.

Embassy Row, Washington DC

Embassy Row Hotel on Massachusetts Ave near DuPont Circle

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I was commissioned by The Hotel and Dennis Nieto-Hernandez to place Wings on the outside wall, visible from the street. A plaque describing the Angel Wings Project was added a few weeks later.

San Bernadino, California

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After the tragic acts in San Bernadino I drove with a friend, TK, to find a place to remember the victims. We found a great wall and a friendly lady on 2724 N. Waterman Street. I added 14 flowers to the right to remember the souls lost.

Harlem, New York, NY

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In the freezing winter I put some wings on 111th and Park Ave and these with the stones behind are some of the best photos posted. Ballerinas have made amazing angels here in particular.

Hawaii (North Shore)

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My parents met in Waikiki and were married in Honolulu. We lived there as children, so the Hawaii aloha is in my soul...

Colette's spirit shines through brilliantly in her work. Panoramic projects that connect individuals across the globe are a testament to the creative drive in us all, that drive is what fuels so many Jewel Toned hearts.

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