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The Hunger Games of Business

Our CEO, Rachael McCrary might be at the top of her design and business game, but did you know that she likes to share her success via blogging and writing?

Jewel Toned is not only about providing women with comfortable, cute and shame-free shapewear, but it’s also making them feel good about themselves. Here at the Jewel Toned incubator, our mission is to inspire women. No woman should fear the unknown or have an excuse to not chase their dreams, but feel secure in their everyday style and overall being. What better way to inspire than to share the Jewel Toned story not just through www.shopjeweltoned.com but through written word?

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With that in mind, Rachael has 18 years of lingerie design expertise, but she also has a powerful voice throughout the business world. While she mentors, coaches and guest speaks at major events such as Techweek and SoGal Summit, Rachael takes pride in sharing her successes and failures in order to educate other entrepreneurs through writing for various publications. 

From sharing her secrets to success in Lucky Magazine, to giving the inside scoop of her first year in business in Inc. Magazine, Rachael’s newest article “5 Ways Startups are Like The Hunger Games” shouldn’t be passed.  Rachael lays out the 5 startup survival tips so you are prepared, ready to hunt and up for any game the startup world will serve you.

Have a work story you want to share? Or need a tip of advice for following your dreams? Email us at design@shopjeweltoned.com, we’re excited to help!

Want to be like Katniss and have your own business too? Rachael talks about how having your own business is like The Hunger Games and keep up to date with Rachael’s entrepreneurial life on Twitter, Instagram and Medium. Now aim high and get back to work.

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