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Confidence, not only in your shapewear

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Let’s face it bombshells, in today’s world having self-confidence sounds easier than it is. 

In this social sharing, picture taking, selfie-infused world, we are constantly being taken down, when we really deserve to stand tall. Say goodbye to the body shaming, and fat frowning and say hello to a word of self-respect and self-love. 

Aside from your shapewear, you should feel comfortable in your every day. Yes, it sounds easier said than done, but with a few quick fixes and daily reminders we can feel our ultimate best...shame-free.

Strut to the Beat

Nothing feels better than starting your morning drive with your favorite music, or running to the beat of an unforgettable tune(cue Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody). Finding that memorable song to prep you for life’s many ups and downs is an ultimate confidence booster. Strut down the street in style (Jewel Toned shapewear included) and feel your best.

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Admitting Failure

To admit failure in life could be the hardest but most rewarding action. When we fail, it’s a constant reminder to keep trying to the best of your personal capacity. Nothing comes easy in life and those who are equipped for the fight use their failure as an action to stand tall and respond to challenges and setbacks. 

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Be Flexible, Nothing Comes Overnight

Things will not happen right away (stinks, but it’s the truth). That saying, “Good things comes to those who wait” is actually true. Remind yourself to take your time and be flexible with your expectations. The “woman power” you are putting in to get to your goal is well worth the time and effort, and be ready to bask in the rewards of the hard work.

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Looking Your Best to Feel Your Best

Walking out of the house everyday feeling your best self is a task in itself. Your busy schedule, plus your laundry build-up, and there only being 24 hours in a day (yes only!), leaves you little time to get into a beauty/fashion routine. Implementing the “Fab 5” into your daily routine could be the self-confidence booster you need. The Fab 5 includes 5 versatile, “ready for any moment” wardrobe pieces. A daily dress (cue the Major Mini Dress, Spanx-free), a fool proof pair of pants, the perfect blouse, a lightweight jacket or blazer and an essential t-shirt. During a bind, or rushing to a meeting, the ease of throwing together an outfit with your go-to staples allows you to show off your body in confidence and style.

Remember that you are beautiful, strong and unstoppable. Be your best-self, and always remind yourself of that.

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Kristi S
Kristi S


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