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Bombshell Alert! Morgan Stewart of Boobs & Loubs in Jewel Toned

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Here at Jewel Toned, we believe all women should love themselves, love their curves, and embrace their bodies. 
Being a body-positive team of 5 hardworking, dedicated women, we love seeing like-minded ladies who rule the world, stand up for themselves and ultimately share their unique style. 
Blogger, Reality Television Star, and Bombshell Business Woman Morgan Stewart of Boobs and Loubs shares her morning look in her Jewel Toned Major Mini on her blog. From one power woman to the next, Morgan's opinion on shapewear, especially her Jewel Toned shapewear is right on point. Morgan obvi gets the importance of clothing that can take you from coffee to cosmo!
Morgan quotes "Nobody wants to put on clothing that is remotely unflattering, at least I don’t."
CEO and Founder Rachael McCrary, and the entire Jewel Toned team couldn't agree more. 
Everyday working to educate women on body-positive shapewear and feeling your ultimate best is part of the Jewel Toned mission. With the constant influence from celebrities, tastemakers and masterminds worldwide, it's refreshing and important to see women like Morgan sharing her style, positively engaging with her followers, and leading young creatives worldwide. 
Shop Morgan's Jewel Toned style here
Morgan, keep radiating positivity and standing out in your Jewel Toned shapewear. You are Gorgeous!
XO Jewel Toned

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