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My Life On The Road With Gloria Steinem

Since here at the Jewel Toned incubator, we do what Gloria Steinem tells us to do, we want to send a shockwave to other women so they feel as empowered as we do to take a stand.

Jewel Toned Shapewear Inspirational Women

In moments, both epochal and intimate, it is crucial to immerse in the present and experience the human experience first-hand. It is critical the sheer magnitude and impact mainstream media, produced by and for the hegemonic patriarchy (#SATwords), has on our world view and self-image; it is therefore even more imperative that we connect directly with human beings to maintain a healthy sense of the shared experience of social life.

Equality isn’t almost, equality isn’t sometimes, equality isn’t exclusive - equality embraces the spectrum of lifestyles in its inherent sustainability of human life. Equality is grounded in active connection, conversation, and contact. That being said, last night we ventured down a road once traveled in the immediate physical, but a journey well tread in the tapestry of cultural history - under the vaulted ceilings of the Theater at the Ace Hotel, we, along with Melissa McCarthy, engaged in conversation with the living legend, Gloria Steinem.

Jewel Toned Shapewear Inspirational Women

Education is the motivation, so here are five things we learned from Gloria Steinem last night:

1. "Hate generalizes, love specifies" - Gloria Steinem quoting Robin Morgan

2. Consciousness must precede reality. First we become awake, then we become alive. 

3. The politics of adjectives: often gender specific adjectives are suboptimal and inherently anti-feminist. For example,

 is quite different than 


Merriam Webster added a second definition here (^) today (11-13-15), no doubt prompted by Ms. Steinem's sentiments on the matter. 

4. Laughter is the best proof of freedom. No one can take laughter from you. If you're in a room where someone's not letting you laugh, it's time to leave. 

5. The waste of human talent is utterly tragic. Find your passion and make use of it. Dance like no one's watching...

We got to see Gloria tap dance, and now, so can you:


We're quite certain that both Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Steinem would appreciate our body-positive shapewear. We're now off on a mission to make sure that's the case. 




Rachael McCrary
Rachael McCrary


Rachael is a fashion designer, life coach, Hindu philosopher and lingerie expert. She advises early stage companies on funding and branding and is committed to helping more women be comfortable in their own skin.

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