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Think Pink This October with Jewel Toned and Susan G. Komen Foundation

This October, all of our pink products will be 20% off in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. We believe in looking good and feeling good, and we want to support the curves and dreams of all women by rocking pink pieces that are meant-to-be-seen. When you purchase any of our products listed below, not only will you get a 20% discount, you will be giving to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Jewel Toned will donate 5% of all proceeds from the featured items purchased during the month of October to The Komen Foundation.

Major Mini Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

It’s one thing to have a Jewel Toned pink piece, it’s another to own the look and make it your own. So we put together a bit of a primer on a few ways to showcase the (soon-to-be) new additions to your wardrobe.

MajorMini (Blush)

  • The MajorMini is our staple piece: know it, love it. The Blush shade goes well with any look, any time of the day. Fall is the perfect time to experiment with layers, so why not try your favorite flannel and pair the pastel with a fresh pair of Converses? Or you can dress it up and go pretty in pink with a sheer tunic top-layer ... 

Major Mini Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

Perfect Hipster (Pinkini)

  • Hipsters: can’t live with them, can’t reference underground cult fashion without them. Our Perfect Hipster boy shorts fit like a glove (or a Kerouac novel nestled in between the worn leather couch cushions of a Brooklyn brownstone…). Even though this contemporary classic isn’t quite “meant-to-be-seen” like the MajorMini, we doubt that significant someone would mind seeing this around the flat every now-and-then...

Major Mini Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

Stretch Lace Capsule (Ruby Pink)

  • If three’s company, this is a crew we wouldn’t mind hosting our next sleepover (no shade, no shame: you’re never too old for a night with the girls). Our lace collection: the bralette, bikini, and thong are the Charlie’s Angels of Jewel Toned. The bralette is anything but conventional - it’s not your inner anguished pre-teen’s training bra, it’s not the standard lace and underwire, it’s the kind of piece you imagine Baddie Winkle would have worn to a speakeasy if we were around in The Gilded Age. The bikini and thong are what you wear when you want to pique interest with little more than a peek of pink over the waistline.

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

The Jewel Toned team supports your curves, dreams, fun times and overall magic.

* * *

We couldn’t be more proud to partner with an organization that remains at the pulse of breast cancer awareness, and at the forefront of voicing issues at the core of the women’s community.

Kari Elam
Kari Elam


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