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Self-Confidence, Motivation and Positive Thinking: Three Quick Actions To A Better You

“You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé.”

 24 to be exact! After conquering the world one hour at a time while being faced with life’s many problems, it’s a challenge to find quality time for you and to get to know the “true” you.

In a media based society that has a strong influence on our daily life, we are surrounded by situations, people and ideas that can cloud our thinking. By incorporating little fixes into our daily lives, we can boost our self-confidence, motivate ourselves to larger extremes, and think positively to achieve greatness.

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“Don’t ever be afraid to show who you really are, because as long as you are happy with yourself, no one else’s opinion matters.” - unknown

Having the strength to expose your most confident self is a true challenge.  Living the life of work deadlines and a full schedule gives you a minimal amount of time to feel confident in every moment. Think back to your most confident time.

Was it wearing that perfect LBD that made you feel like a million dollars?

Was it approaching a man that caught your eye at the bar?

Whatever moment it is treat yourself to it again. Whether it be retail therapy by breaking the bank for a pair of “power” heels, or saying “hello” to a perfect stranger be confident in you and your actions!

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“Be the best version of you” - Anonymous

The thought of getting out of bed in the morning can be daunting. One cup of coffee isn’t enough, and the busy day ahead of you is overwhelming to say the least. It’s the perfect time to self-motivate to being a better you. Incorporating morning activity into your daily routine can give an endorphin boost perfect enough to conquer the day. Yoga, Pilates, a quick trip to the gym or a leisurely hike allows you to clear your head, focus and step forward with the motivation to take on any task at any capacity.

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Positive Thinking

“Positive thoughts generate positive feelings and attract positive life experiences.” – Anonymous

 Falling prey to negative thinking comes a lot easier than we think. When overwhelmed with negative thoughts throughout our stressful lives, it's a chore to think positive. You have the responsibility to create a positive life so take charge of it. Incorporating daily positive affirmations and quotes into your routine allow you to face positivity on a regular basis. Surround yourself with positive people, jot yourself down a positive note and throw the negative away.

 Your spot in this world is unique, own it, love it, and embrace it.


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