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Can't Breathe in Your Bodyshaper?

We all know the feeling. Standing at a cocktail party, purse in the crook of your arm, champagne in one hand small plate of something with truffle aioli in the other and too tight undergarments, and top of ALL that heels too! It's torture. You were looking forward to the after work outing, but in reality, it's uncomfy and you can't wait for the person to stop talking to so you can dip out. When you finally arrive in your apartment, you kick the shoes off and start peeling off the layers until that ahhhhh moment. There are indentations in your skin and finally a moment of peace! 

As a lingerie designer, I spent years talking to women about these moments. With so much talk these days around being in the moment, I wonder how a $2Billion industry was leaving so many consumers unhappy! So I wanted to create the first body-positive shapewear. I created Jewel Toned so there would be a different option. We stand for all women making their own choices, and certainly aren't saying the gut-crushers don't have a time and place, and no matter what, you do you! If it's working, don't fix it. If you feel like there might be a different option out there that's cuter, more comfy and most importantly let's you breathe, try our products. Reach out to me with your shapewear stories, questions or just overall sharing. I want to hear it. I want you to be present at the cocktail party, have a good time and make memories! Spanx is great, but we made something different that fits your lifestyle.

Here are some examples of how everyday babes wear our shapers!

Nikki in the Street Smart Bike Short

Shapewear Jewel Toned Bike Short Lingerie Underwear

Dylan in The Rockin Bodysuit

Shapewear Jewel Toned Bodysuit Lingerie Underwear

Alexa in The Major Mini in Blush

Shapewear Jewel Toned Lingerie Underwear Major Mini Dress

Sash in the Lace Crop Bra and Panty

Lace Bralette Jewel Toned Shapewear

Sash in The Major Mini Dress

sash in Jewel Toned Major Mini

 Porcelain in The Major Mini in Blush

Yuka in The Major Mini in Blush


Email us your shapewear horror stories and we'll help you look as cute as they do! dreams@shopjeweltoned.com

Rachael McCrary
Rachael McCrary


Rachael is a fashion designer, life coach, Hindu philosopher and lingerie expert. She advises early stage companies on funding and branding and is committed to helping more women be comfortable in their own skin.

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