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Meet Our Team (and our mothers)

None of us would be the A-Game overachievers we are today if it wasn't for the solid foundation of awesome girl power we received. All amazing journeys require a tribe, and we thank the women who raised us for their courage, amazing table manners, patience and overall putting up with us.  Boundless gratitude and props to all the amazing goddesses out there....moms, moms-to-be, moms of furry creatures, and magical women with maternal instincts. Namaste.


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Ice Cream Cookie Expert

Torissa says she hated dolls when she was growing up. We uncovered this gem and love it for two reasons: it shows that she loved dolls & how bada$$ her mom was bandaids, shades & all.

Betty and Torissa had a weekly Saturday tradition of "TNI" tennis and ice cream at their favorite local ice cream shop, Heywards. This was taken after the tennis but before the pistachio ice cream. 


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Insomniac Foodie Girly Girl

Rachael, the CEO and founder of Jewel Toned with her MaMaw waiting patiently for some nomz. At 1pm every day, she sits exactly like this while waiting for Uber fresh to drop off lunch.

Raised by a team of women, Rachael was always taught to be independent. The main lessons her Moms taught her: Never listen to the word "no." Always keep your own bank account. Dream big and limitlessly. Beauty comes from within. Give generously. Look for the good in people no matter what. 

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Snake Charmer Apprentice

Kelsy, our cool kid that heads the marketing and design portion of Jewel Toned decided way back that twinning with mama bear kept it real. Rumor is they still match outfits to this day.

Nothing beats a holiday party at the Nixon's house with these two.  These twins although dressed the same are known for their yin and yang and are the most fun when together. Despite what's happening in this picture, Kelsy swears by her mothers sense of style! 


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AKA (only to himself) the Indian Ryan Gosling

Levani states: "my mom still makes that face whenever I say or do something stupid as heck". Here's a picture of our chief geek with his mom at Universal Studios having the time of their lives.

Levani likes making plans to hang out with friends but ultimately ends up staying at home and coding with a Jack & Coke (or 6) by his side. #sorrynotsorry

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie 


Recovering Punk Rocker

Jackie says her Mom has always loved a party. The apple didn't fall far from the tree but those matching clown outfits were left in the 80's, where they belong!

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