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The Sugarfree Shapewear Selfie Roundup

Another week, another roundup of major babes in Major Minis (and other pieces from Jewel Toned). Take a look, and don't forget to tag @jeweltoned when you post in your shapewear!

First up we have Sandra Wong in the red Major Mini with a little black moto vest. Cute, bright, fresh and fun. All she needs now is a matching black and red Vespa!

There's the Boho Flow, Cristina Monti, looking very winter-luxe in long sleeves and a faux fur vest. 

And one of our favorite fashionistas, Kier Mellour sprang into spring, mixing pink blossoms with our electric blue Out All Night High Waisted Mini Skirt shaper. We love the way these colors pop.

Kristie is one of our original bombshell customers, seen here in her much loved black Major Mini. 

Here's Natalie, also in the black Major Mini! She mentioned how comfy she it was. Natalie, if you do yoga in your LBD, please take a picture! 

And next up is the gorgeous Boyuba in our Hourglass Contour Dress. This dress is a bit shorter than the Major Mini, so if you're looking for shapewear to layer under very short dresses or skirts, this would be a great option for you.

Last, but definitely not least is Rachael McCrary, the boss babe who started it all. She's the CEO, founder and designer of Jewel Toned and no matter where she goes, she always has a Major Mini in her suitcase. Because just like our popular LBD, she's Major. ;)

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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