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GIRRLSCOUT + Jewel Toned

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

Check out GIRRLSCOUT in her Jewel Toned Major Mini Dress shaper! She looks like she stepped out of a Quentin Tarantino film and is about to make you either cry, or fall in love with her... maybe both! Either way, she's absolutely stunning in her lbd. Learn more about GIRRLSCOUT's favorite accessory for spring, what she's most passionate about, and what she's planning next.

What’s your Website/Twitter/Instagram:


What do you do for money: 

I’m a full time tech support specialist for a photo editing software company, and a part time freelance photographer. Blogging is just something I love and do on my own free time. ;) 

What do you do for fun:  

Photography is my passion, has been since I was in high school. My boyfriend (Spencer) is a professional photographer, so most weekends we’re out exploring and shooting. I also like hiking and just straight up hanging out with good people. I’m easy to please, pretty melo.

Your Life Motto: 

“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, that’s where the fruit is.” has always stuck with me. I have a tattoo to represent it. I’m a risk taker, til death. I try not to let fears hold me back from anything. If I want something, I go after it.

The Most Played Song On your iTunes: 

Currently obsessing over Hozier’s album. Can’t get enough of it. 

The book you’re currently reading: 

Gonna shock you, but I’m actually not a reader. I could never get into it as a kid nor as an adult, I don’t have the attention span. Or, I’ll get into a book and then by the time I have a moment to sit and keep reading, I would have forgotten what had happened. It’s a frustrating process, but I do wish I was into reading more. 

What made you want to start a blog? 

I’ve always been into blogging, I had a livejournal, a melodramatic page, you name it. I definitely love writing and I love sharing tips and tricks that help me along the way. I’m always seeking advice and learning from others, so I figured maybe people would want to learn from me sometime. So far I have no regrets, I’m loving it. 

How would you describe your style?

Definitely in-between, if that makes sense. I wouldn’t consider myself a tom boy or a girly girl. I mean, I like getting my nails done but I also wanna light shit on fire. I’m all over the place and I don’t think I could be any other way. I like sun dresses and rompers but also jeans and a tee, it all depends on my mood. But I’m definitely a little more edgy than normal. Pushing the envelope.

The outfit you wear most often (be honest!): 

Skinny jeans and a plain striped tee. That’s my go-to comfortable outfit and I love it. No shame.

What's your favorite Spring/Summer style trend? 

I’m loving the leather harness trend… it amps up an outfit more than you think it does. 

What’s the most exciting thing you have planned for Spring/Summer?

I feel like every weekend I have something big and exciting going on, and I like that. As much as I like planning vacations and things ahead, I do like going one week at a time. Spencer and I are planning a road trip up north in the Fall, so I’m very much looking forward to that. Vacations and adventures with him are always the best.

How did you style your Jewel Toned? 

I actually wore it by itself and threw a flannel on over it, or tied around my waist. Again, simplicity. It’s ridiculously comfortable and I don’t even need a bra with it. Loving that aspect.

What’s next for you? 

I’m not sure, I’m kind of doing this blogger thing one day at a time. I don’t really have a plan, I’m not looking to be famous and rack up followers, I just really like writing and helping people. I like making people happy, so that’s what’s next… more happiness. :) 

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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