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The Spring Trend We're Seriously Dreading

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From left to right we have no, no and no.

Culottes. If this word doesn't strike fear into your heart, you must be either Olivia Palermo or Kendall Jenner. Yes, the pants that have been a joke for the past few decades are slowly clawing their way back onto runways. All the major magazine have recently written about culottes, including *gasp* Vogue. 

Um, do you think Anna Wintour would be caught dead in a pair of culottes? We think not! Actually we found an excerpt about her early life in which she skipped gym class because of... you guessed it, culottes! 

"Besides the impact she thought running would have on her legs, Anna avoided gym by either cutting the class or claiming she was ill because she was physically sickened by the suit she was required to wear–scratchy brown culottes..." 

Culottes are knee to mid-calf (the worst) to just above the ankle-length pants that are cut with a wide leg. Depending on the fabric, they can resemble a skirt or they can resemble long, wide Bermuda shorts. 

They make short people (I am five feet tall) look like the floating magic mushrooms in Super Mario Bros. I mean, we love Nintendo but I don't want people to feel like they can jump on me and squash me for points!

There are so many amazing spring trends that we are fully on board with. Platforms, aprons, graphic black and white, fringe... we'll get into all of that soon enough. But for now? About those culottes? Just... NO. 

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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