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Jewel Toned Hourglass Minidress Jewel Toned hourglass contour dress shapewear

Move over, Jessica Rabbit! Daysi is here with an equally incredible figure, AND she knows how to do makeup. Daysi wins!

DAYSICXO_ is a makeup blogger we discovered on Instagram. She has the perfect hourglass figure, and looks absolutely stunning in our Contour Hourglass Minidress in black and royal blue. We wanted to know more about the woman behind the selfies (and we figured you do to), so we asked her a few questions:

What’s your Website/Twitter/Instagram: is my website.
@daysicxo_ is my Instagram.
I don't have Twitter. 

What do you do for money: 

I am manager/supervisor for juice bars located inside LA Fitness. I have an online store and I am also a free lance make up artist.

What do you do for fun:  

I love nature! I enjoy going hiking. Road trips. Family time, is always a fun time.

Your Life Motto: 

Set goals, work hard,stay focused, surround yourself with good people. Be humble.  

The Most Played Song On your iTunes: 

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

The book you’re currently reading: 

"The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks 

How did you decide to become a makeup artist? 

I've always loved makeup. Right after high school, I enrolled into cosmetology school where I got my license.

How would you describe your look? 

I have diverse styles. What I wear depends on my mood. I can go from Classy one day to Bohemian the next day.

The outfit you wear most often (be honest!):

I love feeling comfortable. I have these pair of dark blue Levi's that I really like and throw any cute top on. It's usually a loose top. 

What's your prediction for Spring/Summer makeup trends?

Natural tones. Peachy cheeks, rose lips. 

Will overplucked eyebrows (90's style) ever make a comeback?

Let's hope not! Eyebrows are very important. They add so much character to the face. Over plugged eyebrows don't lend balance and symmetry to the face. 

How did you style your Jewel Toned?

I've styled in various ways.I love how versatile the hour glass shape wear is. I've wore it with just a pair of high heels. Sometimes with a pair of cute sandals with a cardigan or a jacket. 

What’s next for you?

I'm currently working on my own brand of eyelashes. I have been asked to collaborate with a company who makes hair extensions. I'm really excited about both!

Jewel Toned Contour Dress Shapewear

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