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Crazy Sorority Rules, The Jewel Toned Version

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The Jewel Toned team is a pretty diverse collection of women. Age, backgrounds, life experiences, celeb crushes – we cover a lot of ground. That being said, not a single one of us has ever been part of a sorority. Apparently, that has its pros and cons. 

Being in a sorority means you have an instant group of friends, possibly a place to live, a busy social calendar and important alumni connections. It’s also really expensive and time consuming and it might involve hazing. Worst of all, at a time when you’re supposed to be experiencing freedom and discovering who you are as a person, you’re given strict rules and regulations to adhere to. If those rules stopped at a midnight curfew and wearing pink on Wednesdays, fine. But for some sororities, a lot of those rules are designed to make women conform to a certain look and style.

From demeanor to hair styles to clothes (paint swatch were involved), nails, body shape, accessories and beyond, every inch of how these sorority sisters were supposed to look and act was dictated. There were even power point presentations! Um, we LIKE Drew Barrymore’s hair. Also, we hate Power Point.

In some ways, Jewel Toned is like a sorority. We work together, hang out together, set and achieve goals together. We are there for each other in good times and bad, and we’ve all paid our dues to get where we are today. But in other ways, we’re nothing like a sorority because we don’t tell each other how to dress or fix our hair, what shade of turquoise to avoid… If we’re being honest we don’t put makeup on until right before we leave for meetings (nobody's got time for that!).

We took a moment to write the rules we’d have for members of our sorority, and here they are:

  1. F*ck traditional shapewear. If you can’t breathe, how are you supposed to eat? Food is very important to the Jewel Toned sorority. We are obsessed with Sugarfish.
  1. Avoid Vaseline. Petroleum is a by product of oil refinement and it is not good for you. Stick to natural balms and ointments. There are tons out there, like Waxlene, which is completely natural.
  1. Hair is optional. You can have long hair, short hair, no hair – it’s up to you. We have to admit, we are big fans of hair dye around here, but you do you.
  1. Nails should be clean. The end.
  1. Makeup should not be applied until before you leave for a meeting because otherwise you’ll just have to touch up. There is no time to waste around here! 

  2. Don't waste your time chasing people who aren't interested in you. Romantic interests and sororities included!

  3. No matter what you wear, it's all about confidence and #girlboss brilliance!

Yep, life in the Jewel Toned sorority is pretty sweet. Join us!


Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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