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7 Secrets To Being A GirlBoss

Rachael McCrary Shapewear Jewel Toned

Our very own CEO and founder (#girlboss, #bossbabe, #hbic), Rachael McCrary was recently interviewed by Avery Marx for Lucky Magazine. The article was about her secrets to success. As part of the Jewel Toned team I can tell you, it's not all LBDs and power lunches. Oh no, for every glass of champagne we sip at a Beverly Hills bistro, there's about a million hours of hustle behind it. It's fun and exciting and so worth it – but there are also times you want to curl up under the blankets and stay there for an entire weekend, just to catch up on sleep.

Here's the thing... Rachael's goals go beyond the world of shapewear. Sure, step one is to take the shame out of shapewear with Jewel Toned, and help millions of women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. But along the way she wants to help make it easier for other young women to be CEO's and founders of their own companies. 

Here are her top seven secrets to success:

1. You are your biggest cheerleader.

You must be confident and proud of your successes. This attitude will be infectious, and continue to propel you and your team forward.

2. Work harder than the competition.

Most people don't realize opportunity because it comes disguised as hard work. 

3.Don't give up. Ever.

Keep looking ahead and working hard and you¹ll get there. Its all about being tenacious and if you don¹t hear the answer you want look elsewhere. If you find yourself at a closed door, go down the hall to an open one!

4. Have the legalities buttoned up, but still trust your gut.

Women in general have a strong intuition which you should to your benefit but don¹t let emotion blind you!

5. Ask yourself if money wasn¹t involved, is this still my mission on this planet?

If yes, then tell everyone all about it and surround yourself with an A-game team. Don¹t listen to anyone that discourages you.

6. Want it more than you want anything else.

People will sense your passion and join your tribe on the way to greatness!

7. Set sharp, clearly defined goals.

By doing this, you can measure and take pride in the small achievement of those goals along the way which will in turn give you confidence that you can achieve anything!

Jewel Toned: Shapewear For Women Creating Their Own Rules

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