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A Beautiful Life. Getting to know Tara Mackey.

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We love, love, love Tara from Organic Life Blog and Tara Mackey Music. She’s one of the most kind, positive and driven people we know – and we love how she maintains focus on her goals and truly lives with intention. Read more about her gorgeous life and the exciting things she has lined up for the future in our interview with her, below. 

What’s your Blog/Twitter/Instagram:

 www.theorganiclifeblog.com / @organiclifeblog and @taramackeymusic for both Twitter and IG. 

Here's the amazing video she made for Jewel Toned: http://youtu.be/-M54bAcnUVI

What you do for money: 

I do Internet Marketing for all natural companies, splitting my time between San Diego and my home base in Los Angeles.  I also model and do lifestyle videos for conscious campaigns; it's important to me to use my brand to stand for something.  Third, I act a lot in Los Angeles - mostly commercials and music videos but recently I got cast in my first major movie role in LA, which has been very exciting for me!  I also make my own music, sing, write, perform, sell my music on iTunes and create music videos for my own songs.  

What you do for fun:  

Travel, Yoga, surfing, swimming, beach time, spiritual conversation, going on walks and hikes with Raelie my dog, reading, meditation (yes! really!), and photography are all daily activities that I really enjoy.  

Yo ur Life Motto: 

Om Bhavam Namah. This means “I am absolute existence”. I am free from disease. I am full of health & potential.  

The Most Played Song On your iTune s: 

... is probably not a song.  I have a lot of motivational speaking on my iTunes (not the best at parties unless you can find a rare pop remix... If you do, tell me!) So up there is Deepak Chopra, Jim Rohn, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Oprah that plays constantly.  They're my Guru's. :)  There's also this mantra I vibe out to called "Aum namah shivaya" that's probably #1, however, the new singles from Kat Dahlia have been my jam recently.  

The book you’re currently reading: 

Re-reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda and The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer.

The outfit you wear most often (be honest!): 

Bikinis, all day every day.

What did you want to be when you were little? 

When I was 5, I wanted to be a Paleontologist and study dinosaurs.  I'm definitely still studying dinosaurs, quite actively!  I've probably watched every dinosaur documentary and read a ton of books, but I don't think Paleontology is in my near future. ;)  After that though, I wanted to be an actress, writer, and singer: so I think I'm doing them all! <3

And how did you get into singing/acting? 

My Grandma encouraged me to join a play in NYC when I was 7.  I didn't get any big parts, but over the next year I worked my butt off at singing lessons and I started to get leads when I was 8 years old.  At 18 I started writing my own music, and the rest is a passionate love affair. . . 

How would you describe your style?  

Bohemian Chic / Rocker Casual :)

What’s your inspiration/motivation? 

People and Wellness. Helping other people is my biggest inspiration and what really keeps me driven.  I think optimum wellness is my biggest motivation: for you, for me, for everyone!  Everything inspires me.  It's actually silly.  But I'm lucky enough to live in two really beautiful places that provide me with it, and I travel a lot.  However, I realize that it's half mindset too, and I try to find a lot of love and kindness and excitement in the little things and not get frustrated with any setbacks.   

What are some of your favorite brands? 

Jewel Toned, Synergy, & Soul Flower for clothing.  Gressa, La Bella Figura, Genfiore, and Alima Pure for makeup.  Waxelene, Box Naturals, La Bella Figura, Gressa, Acure, & Josh Rosebrook for skincare.  

How did you style your Jewel Toned?  

I'm STILL styling my Jewel Toned - that's what's so fabulous about it!  It's a versatile line and as the weather gets colder I've been doing it up differently, but I used them as shape wear - no other clothing needed.  I took my Biker Shorts on a hike with a razorback tee and did some Yoga, got a nice hike in for my dog, and stayed totally comfortable (and sexy!)  The bottoms... well, I lounged around in them.  Can I take back the part about my "style"? ;)

What’s next for you?  

I have a ton of new projects coming up that I can't wait to announce!  Besides the movie I've been working on collaborative projects with a few different designers, new music, and can't wait to share some more videos done with some of the brands I've been loving lately, as well as learning (and sharing!) tips for a better, healthier life!

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