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Velvet and Venice and Jewel Toned

Get to know Velvet and Venice, who rocked our Contour Hourglass shapewear dress like no other. We’re loving how she dressed her Jewel Toned minidress up and down in ways that are perfect for fall. And we especially love her story about her first memory of being interested in fashion!

What’s your Blog/Twitter/Instagram:

www.velvetandvenice.blogspot.com @velvetandvenice 

What you do for money: 

I'm currently a student at FIDM and not working right now. 

What you do for fun:  

I enjoy photography and taking pictures with friends, going to music shows, and anything outdoors, especially camping, roadtrips + hiking adventures.

Your Life Motto: 

We are all wild animals dancing madly with soul.  Live to create, inspire, achieve and relate. The answer is yes and I love you.

The Most Played Song On your iTunes: 

It's a tie! 'cosmic love' by florence and the machine and radiohead 'climbing up the walls'

The book you’re currently reading: 

The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation: As Taught by S. N. Goenka by William Hart

The outfit you wear most often (be honest!):

Denim cut offs, black lace bralette , oversized racerback tank and black platform Birkenstocks. 

Tell us your the earliest memory you have of being interested in fashion:

The main reason this moment is a memory is because it was captured on home movie.  As a small toddler, before I could walk, I would go with my mom and older brother to his gymnastics classes.  As the group of young children all removed their shoes and joined the instructor on the tumbling mats, I could be found crawling over to the enormous pile of shoes and spending the entire hour doing my best to try on as many pairs of shoes as possible.  After each pair, I would joyfully look to my mother for her approval and admiration.  I quickly grew to love fashion so much, that after months of my mother finding me crying in my closet with a pantleg stuck over my head, she resorted to padlocking my closet and scheduling dress up times.  Even into elementary school, I was interested in expressing myself through my clothing, every day presenting a new element to my personality. 

 How would you describe your style?

I call my style girl next door chic.  Its mostly compromised of seasonal basics with delicate and feminine  pieces yet always including something masculine or edgy to spice my outfit up.

What’s the inspiration/motivation for your blog? 

My inspiration comes from my constant longing and search for the beauty in simple every day moments. I enjoy writing my thoughts and feelings, while both play into my daily outfit choices. I am always reinventing new ways to share the world through my eyes with my audience and my goal is to inspire creativity and self expression in other females around the world. 

What are some of your favorite labels? 

I adore Asos, Topshop, Vince and Mark and Estel.

How did you style your Jewel Toned?

I love dressing my Jewel Toned up and down.  My favorite Jewel Toned piece is the Contour Hourglass dress and for an edgy day or night look I'll throw a leather jacket over it with some slip on leather tennis shoes. For a casual look add a basic white tee with tan booties and a long sleeve denim button up.  Or for a cute and comfy look throw an oversized or one of my boyfriends flannels on top with platform Birkenstock sandals! 

 Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

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