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The Cheeky Hipster Vs. The French Cut

This was supposed to be the year the high French cut returned to the beach. You know which one we’re talking about - the bikini bottom cut that hikes up over your hip bone to expose your flanks. (See Pamela Anderson’s iconic Baywatch suit.) Other than a few high profile Instagram shots, we really didn’t see any of that 80’s/early 90’s style at the beach. This year (just like the years before), it was all about the cheeky hipster bikini. Why? Here’s what we think:

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1. Comfort
Any bathing suit cut that’s not comfortable will only ever be a passing trend. With a high cut, you’re dangerously close to a wedgie at all times. Especially if the back has any coverage. Cheeky hipster bikini bottoms, on the other hand, are designed to stay put. If you’ve got the right size, the cheeky hipster should stay comfortably on your hips without pinching you in and creating a muffin top. So for sitting by the pool, looking pretty, the Frenchie is no problem. But if you actually want to swim or take a stroll down the beach, your ass would be out of luck! Which brings us to our next point...
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2. Real Life vs. Instagram Life
You know what we’re talking about here. There’s your Instagram life where your eyebrows are always perfect and your forehead is never shiny. Where a metallic high cut swimsuit is exactly what’s called for. (Instagram life is also know as American Apparel life.) Then there’s real life where things aren’t so ideal. So what works amazingly well to grab attention from your friends and followers in a snap, is actually a little too out there for a bbq by the pool. With the cheeky hipster bikini bottoms, you don’t need to worry about be so posed. What looks good when you’re laying out with your back arched and your hair tossed back looks just as great playing beach volleyball or strolling to get a refill on your bottomless daiquiri.
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3. Existing Tan Lines
After seasons of rocking the cheeky hipster bikini bottoms, our tan lines are pretty well defined. So for a lot of people who try to rock the high cut swimsuits (and we did notice this in the Instagram shots we saw), it looks like they’re layering the cut over slightly lighter-than-flesh colored boy cut hipster underwear. It makes you do a double take, and it makes the high cut stand out in an attention-grabbing, but not exactly flattering way. 
We think maybe don't do this. Obviously, you do you. But if you spent the cash on a retro swimsuit and couldn’t bring yourself to rock it this summer, you can always repurpose it and go as aerobics legend Jane Fonda this Halloween. And about those cheeky hipster undies and cheeky hipster bikini bottoms? Damn girl, you look good.

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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