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Are You Simultaneously Totally Clueless and Completely Brilliant?

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

Like Cher said, when you're trying to get a guy's attention, "anything you can do to draw attention to your face is good." But that doesn't mean making faces while you try to do things like breathe and eat in your old fashioned shapewear. Having your internal organs squeezed together is so nineties (um, that's 1890's). Only fashion victims (or the ensemble challenged) are putting up with that anymore. Don't do it!

I’ve always loved super profound movies like Clueless, Legally Blonde and The House Bunny. No, but seriously! At first glance it appears the film will portray a stereotype of a ditsy girly-girl. When really, by the end of the film it’s clear that she wasn’t so clueless after all, and that actually memorizing OPI polish colors can go hand in hand with being PhD-worthy. The main character, while at first was ridiculed for taking pride in her excellent taste in lip gloss, was in fact the only character with an actual sense of self. (I’ve always wondered if Nars Chihuahua Gloss, the most perfect nude shade ever, was named after Elle Woods’ dog).

All the power girls in our office have experienced girly-shame. This occurs on dates, in security lines (pre-check, yo), and even in meetings. Girly-shame occurs in the form of an eye roll, a backhanded compliment, or even a remark straight to your face. It’s when you’ve been categorized as one or more of the following: girly, feminine, seeming to care about your appearance, which is immediately paired with: ditsy, frivolous, superficial, shallow, vapid and somehow misguided. Then an uncomfortable feeling arises from within where then you feel the need to defend yourself. It brings up thoughts about needing to inform them that you also hold several degrees/ speak multiple languages/ volunteer for the Sierra Club/ read actual books/ are a CEO/ travel to third world countries/ have substance. This is immediately followed by “fu*k that and fu*k them” thoughts, but why do we first feel the need to explain? As if!

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

It’s ok to simultaneously care about your upward mobility at the office and your shoe closet. It’s ok to care about your ROI and if that dude has texted you back. In fact, it’s great. Give yourself snaps for transcending stereotypes. Cher and Dionne would approve of our fat free shapewear. It’s not for virgins who can’t drive. It’s for rule breakers who defy categories. It’s ok to wear your underwear in public. But only sporadically.

Mel: What the hell is that? It looks like underwear!
Cher: A dress!
Mel: Says who?
Cher: Calvin Klien!


Cher Horowitz will forever be in our hearts. We feel she approve the below wear-your-underwear-outside look. Way essential!

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

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Rachael McCrary
Rachael McCrary


Rachael is a fashion designer, life coach, Hindu philosopher and lingerie expert. She advises early stage companies on funding and branding and is committed to helping more women be comfortable in their own skin.

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