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Walk of Shame? Try Walk of Game.

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

Have you ever had one of those mornings where the sky is a little bit bluer? The birds are singing just a little sweeter? Maybe it's just the start of a really great day. Or maybe you scored the night before. In which case, NEVER FEEL ASHAMED.

Our mission at Jewel Toned is to take shame out of the world. Sometimes we do that with our comfortable, sexy body shapers that help women look their best and feel their most confident. Sometimes we give tips on how to turn that Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride:

1. Always have flip flops or flats in your purse. Those red bottoms are perfect in every life scenario, with one exception: being in an LBD and Loubs before 10am. They make so many pairs of foldable flats these days, but even the skinny Havianas will fit into a small purse.

2. Sunglasses. If your sunnies are big and dark enough, there's no need to waste time trying to fix your make-up. Just slip them on and go. 

3. A hair tie. Messy bed head is no problem when you can simply twist it up into a trendy top knot. Conveniently, every Jewel Toned garment comes with a flowered hair elastic. As a matter of fact, carry our tiny seamless hipster in your purse at all times for emergency extra undies and hair tie in one. ;)

4. Layer up your Jewel Toned body con mini dress with found objects. Be resourceful! Look around and see what you can find. A cool band tee? Perfect, just knot it around your waist. An oxford or chambray shirt? Throw it on. A flannel? If it's a cool morning, perfect. Of course, we'd never advocate stealing. You could always leave whatever you borrow in the mailbox, at the door, or even just hurl it in the general direction of his building from a moving car. Or even better, donate it when you're done with it.

Need more ideas on how to style up your Major Minidress? Watch this video by Kier, of LA Fashion Addict. She rocks the mini dress shaper so many ways in around four minutes, it just might blow your mind (it blew ours!).

Blow My Mind

We get it – you work hard, you should play hard. Just remember to always be safe, always look out for yourself and just say no to shame. Game on!

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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