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The best thing about Wednesday is so many things. You’re well into the week (and the shock of Monday has diminished), but you’ve got a few more days to get shit done. You can still make it all happen. Do all those things that will lead to you someday putting that deposit on the yacht (what will you name yours?), the closet full of Louboutins, the spaceship… whatever The Dream means to you!

Emails from happy customers are real lifesavers!

So here we are in West Hollywood – the Jewel Toned capital of the world. The entire team works the days away with our noses to the grindstone, (or more accurately, glued to our laptops and iPhones). Sometimes Wednesday feels like Monday. Hell, sometimes Fridays feel like Mondays! We are not complaining AT ALL, we are so happy and grateful to have truly found our calling. All we’re saying is, when the going gets tough? The only thing that makes ANY day feel like Friday is getting emails from happy customers.

Seriously, it brightens up the whole Jewel Toned office to hear feedback from someone who’s now able to leave their house with no bra or VPL, no stuff-ed sausage feelings or shifty garment that has to be readjusted all night. No ma’am, Jewel Toned ladies are getting out there with all the confidence and hotness (hotfidence?) in the world!

We don’t have a Jewel Toned Shapewear Testimonial page up yet, so we thought we’d share some of the feedback with you here. Until next time, soldier on, you Wednesday Warriors!


I got the major mini slip and I love it so much I can't even tell you. Is there any chance you might make it in other colors in the future. – Carolyn

I am loving the hourglass dress! – Min

I do love love love them! (the undies are so comfy!) – Kier

I love the fact you can wear them as outerwear! – Julie

This skirt will definitely be worn as shape wear and as a skirt. – Raven

They just look rad and I'm thinking of buying some as gifts for my friends back in New Zealand.– Justine

That dress is amazing. Hope you take over the shape wear world! – Nikki

This dress is the fucken bomb. – Amina

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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