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Look Ma, No Bra!

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

No bra means no uncomfortable underwire, no lumps or bumps in the back (it's NOT back fat, it's the bra's fault) and no straps sliding down your shoulders. But it doesn't have to mean you're totally free-boobing it out in the world with no support. No ma'm, we have shapewear for that.

Did you ever notice, in all the #CYOS (create your own style) pictures you've seen of the Jewel Toned Mini Dress shapers, you've never seen anyone wearing a bra? That's because no bra is necessary. Our friend Shannon, pictured below, has natural DD's (lucky bitch!) and she rocks her Jewel Toned Major Mini Dress shaper around L.A. with no additional bra support. The key is how this seamless dress is constructed. The built in bra is designed to support you without flattening. Because that uni-boob, sports bra look is the worst when you're trying to look hot. 

We got this feedback from another customer, after she tried on her Major Mini Dress,  "Going to wear it out. Really great! It holds my natural 32FFs nicely! Amazing! I love that I don't need a bra with it." That's a result of the Jewel Toned founder having over 20 years of experience in designing lingerie and intimates for women. Rachael, our CEO, knows exactly what you want out of your innerwear: comfort, sexy-glam-bombshell, ease of use, within your budget.

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

To see examples of real women wearing Jewel Toned Dress shapers (without bras!) search #cyos (create your own style) on Instagram, or check out our #cyos page on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/jeweltoned/cyos/

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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