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Your Boyfriend Thinks You're A Size Small

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

I read a study that claimed 75% of women think about their appearance “all the time” or “frequently.” I was surprised it wasn’t higher! Society is obsessed with looking "perfect" –  thinner, smaller boobs, larger boobs, hair color, wrinkle free and so on. When I started getting the Jewel Toned shaper sample pieces, my test subjects (my super reliable and trusted friends) looked at the small garment, and then looked at me, surprised it would fit. They all thought they needed a large, and I could tell the whole conversation was stressing them out. After they tried the size I suggested, they were surprised and shocked. They felt and looked great and could gave me great feedback about Jewel Toned, now that they had the correct size. 

On the other hand, whether their actual sizes were XS or an XXL, their boyfriends thought they were a size small. And I have the numbers to back that up! 95% of the purchases of any product on my apparel websites that were purchased by a man for a woman have been a size small. It's fascinating that while my girlfriends assume they are a bigger size, every guy that has ever purchased a gift for a woman through my sites, assumes she is a small. Often times, they'll call and ask before purchasing. I ask the male caller, “what size is she?” to which he replies, “oh she’s tiny, she’s an x-small!” I ask him to tell me what's into her closet and find me a garment in a national brand and tell me the size. He lets me know she’s a size 12 in J Crew and I send him the appropriate size. I always love that in comparison to himself, he sees her as tiny. 
Women should feel comfortable and sexy in the size they are, no matter what. Jewel Toned celebrates curves! The female form in all its glorious statures is inherently beautiful…..but hey girl, your partner thinks you’re perfect just the way you are! You are the Khaleesi goddess in real form to his Khal Drogo stature (we love Game of Thrones, can you tell?). It's time to see ourselves the way others do, without criticism. We are all effortlessly beautiful. (And don't worry, if your partner buys you a Jewel Toned piece in the wrong size, we have and excellent exchange policy. If you tell us your boyfriend story, we'll even throw in a complimentary hipster panty.)

Rachael McCrary
Rachael McCrary


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