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One Long Decade

Jewel Toned Shapewear Lingerie

The ManRepeller (love her) recently wrote a post about fashion advice (http://www.manrepeller.com/2014/04/fashion-advice.html). One thing that really stuck out was the saying “Don’t wear it unless you can dance in it.” I wish she’d been around when I was 17 and getting ready for homecoming. I'd found the perfect LBD at Sears – velvet with Rhinestone straps (it was the very end of the 90’s). Only, they didn’t have my size. “No problem,” I thought, “I’ll just go one size smaller and I’ll have to lose weight!” Great plan, right?

As you can probably guess, I didn’t lose weight. I ended up wearing the very tight, no-stretch dress to dinner (Italian food, and who can resist that?) and the dance. After my plate of spaghetti, I couldn’t breathe in the dress, let alone dance in it. I didn’t care about having fun with my friends or date, or seeing what anyone else was wearing. I just wanted to get home and get out of that damn dress. So I found someone who was leaving early and hitched a ride, feigning food poisoning.

It would be great to think that I learned my lesson that night, but that “I’ll make it fit” attitude towards clothes continued for one long, uncomfortable decade. Shapewear was my enabler – constricting me down a full size or two smaller. Looking back, it didn’t matter how I looked because I was never comfortable. All that shallow breathing, yanking and adjusting. And because I wasn’t comfortable, I wasn’t confident.

Times have changed. I don’t wear shapewear anymore, or dresses that are a size too small. But when I tried on the Major Mini Dress Shaper, I was amazed. It didn’t look or feel like shapewear, it looked like a cute LBD – one that supported me and enhanced my curves. No awkward lines where I spilled out around the garment, and no stuffed sausage look. Just layer it up and go. The first time I wore the Major Mini, I layered it under a sheer, drape-y sweater to an Eddie Vedder concert and I got so. many. compliments. Comfortable? Confident? Hell yes, but it didn't stop there. I felt straight up sexy (that's pronounced "SEXAYY"). 

It was so eye-opening that I quit my job and moved (from Australia to America), to join the Jewel Toned team. We're a little start up right now, but we're going be making some changes around here – one happy, confident woman at a time. 

Jackie Guerra
Jackie Guerra


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