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How To Manage Stress Like A Super Girl Boss

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Ever feel the blood boiling and don’t how to manage the closely erupting volcano? Ever feel the yucky version of yourself coming to a theater near you? There are ways to manage stress for the level of Hillary Clinton with the grace of Scarlett O’Hara.

  • Take a Power Moment. Set an alarm on the old phone to go off at a certain time each day, preferably the most stressful time. When the bell goes off, stop…drop…and sit. Meditate for 2 minutes now. No fancy playlist needed. Just sit and focus on breathing. Watch the thoughts and send them packing one at a time.

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  •  See the other perspective. If your pain points often come from someone else, take a real moment to stand in their shoes. Think of what they are going through and their overall position in life. Sit with their hardships and know that they are probably just doing the best with the tools they have and aren’t against you. Empathy is powerful, useful and a sign of strength.


  • Discover the warrior. Warriors fight when challenged the most. When their enemy comes charging, they get back up and fight. Again and again. Anything worth doing is hard and successful people usually got that way from doing very hard things over and over, relentlessly. She's in there somewhere. Invoke your inner Khalessi and maybe even a dragon. 

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  • When you feel overwhelmed, let the predominant emotion take over. But just for 1 full minute. Go ahead and indulge in the dirty feelings of fear, anxiety and hate. However, set a timer because this is not a healthy place to live. We’re just exorcising the demons, but then we release them. Next, close your eys, breathe and think of one of your happiest moments. This could be time with a family member, that huge score at the sample sale or something as simple as a flower. Breathe into this memory until it’s the new dominating feeling.

So next time the duties or people or todo list gets the best of you, remember we are not our thoughts and feelings. They are part of us, but we are in control. Taking a moment to remember who you are, breathe and be present. Don't settle down, settle yourself and your big dreams. It's when we are challenged that we truly grow. 

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