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Celebrating Jewel Toned's Working Mother

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we are dedicating this week’s blog post to our favorite working mother: Torissa, Jewel Toned’s VP of Sales and Merchandising. Tori worked in the New York fashion world for 17 years, before moving to LA. The sneaker loving, design junkie has fallen in love with the amazing tacos in LA (almost making her forget about NY pizza). Not only does Tori systematically maneuver the team through all of the day-to-day operations at Jewel Toned HQ, but she also cares for her beautiful family, her husband and 4-year-old twin boys.

Tori is the friendly face that welcomes clients into the Jewel Toned showroom, is always helpful and patient, and will always find time in between conference calls to show off an adorable video of her boys. 

Most driven women are faced with the question, can you really have it all? Tori has found a way to have it all on her own terms. She’s a boss in the office and a loving mom at home. It's important to Tori to be an example for her sons of what a strong, hard-working woman is. She is teaching her sons how to go after your dreams in life. Aim high, dream big, work hard and the universe will pay you back. 

So this Mother's Day we're celebrating Tori and all other hard-working women who have not only managed to find a balance, but continue to shine everyday - through early morning wakeup calls from restless children to boardroom meetings.

Be like Tori: Stay true to yourself and don't play by the rules. Love fiercely and feed your soul so that you may have more to feed others. 

Here are a few of our favorite Major Mini Mommies. 

Jewel Toned
Jewel Toned


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