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Connected IRL: Gere Kavanaugh

Last week Jewel Toned had the honor of teaming up with designer Gere Kavanaugh for Jewel Toned’s #ConnectedIRL art project. The project prompts artists to express how their individual art connects them to the world.


The shoot featured Ms. Kavanaugh in her enchanting home in Los Angeles with Jewel Toned models clad in Major Minis and structured skirts and sarongs from Gere’s personal collection. She welcomed the Jewel Toned team into her home with her vivacious spirit and open arms to share her unique design aesthetic.

Gere’s long list of achievements began with her acceptance of a Master of Fine Arts degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, only the third woman to do so at that time. With a resume of associations with companies like General Motors and Victor Gruen’s – known as the father of the shopping mall – architecture firm, to collaborations with fellow designers like Frank Gehry, Deborah Sussman and Greg Wlash, it’s no wonder why Gere has reached such esteem in her career. She shared how she has maintained inspiration throughout the years, crediting her eagerness to never stop learning as the catalyst: “Without curiosity there is no knowledge.”


Kavanaugh, who has designed everything from cars to cakes, is known for her mastered use of color and whimsy. “I never wanted to be a niche designer,” she said in a recent interview. “It’s like asking someone to eat hamburgers all their life.”

Stay tuned for more from this project. 


Photos shot on Leica

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