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5 Reasons Why I Stopped Wearing Real Bras

Like many little girls I often dreamt of the day I’d finally become a woman. For the 5-year-old me, that day wouldn’t be marked by a visit from Aunt Flow or owning a pair of heels that weren’t plastic, but with my ability to fill out the tops of my many rhinestone-encrusted tank tops. I spent a lot of time speculating what affect my boob development would have on my life and as an unripe 5 year old, deduced that only good things would come with it. Wanting to be prepared for the many miraculous blessings awaiting my womanhood, I would spend time in my room practicing, by fitting tennis balls underneath my tops. I also spent hours looking through my mother’s magazines at all of the gorgeous bras I would some day fill out. So of course, when I started kindergarten I managed to convince my mother that I absolutely needed a training bra.

Jewel Toned Lace Bralette Grey

Needless to say, now that I have both developed boobs and am years into real womanhood, I am less than ecstatic about bras. People always say that with adulthood comes sacrifices of your childhood dreams, right? The 5-year-old me wouldn’t believe what I’ve become: an anti-bra supporter (and advocate?). Allow me to explain to you (and my inner 5-year-old) the reasons why the only bras I wear these days are ones without underwire and hooks:


1. Bras are uncomfortable

No one’s surprised this is reason number one, right? After a long day, the first thing I would do is take off my bra and fling it across the room. Why? Because it was SO uncomfortable. Not to mention I couldn’t stand seeing all of the marks it left around my rib cage and on the tops of my shoulders.


2. They’re Unflattering

Let me tell you a little secret. Bras, especially padded bras are not your friend. They’re unflattering and make you look larger than you actually are. Once I stopped wearing traditional bras, I noticed myself looking (and feeling) better in outfits – bye-bye weird armpit- and back-fat bulge. Not to mention, people started asking me if I’d lost weight, which I definitely didn’t mind.


3. They’re Life Ruiners

Actually just outfit ruiners, but when you spend the extra time picking out a really great outfit, why should its full potential be sacrificed to your undergarments? Aside from making you look bigger than you are, the only things bras add to an outfit are fallen bra straps and weird exposed seams.

Jewel Toned Grey Lace Bra


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4. They’re Too Hard to Put On

And take off – if you know what I mean. The struggle to put on/take off my bra in front of my significant other leaves me with the same feeling as when my mom first met him. She couldn’t help but gush about how excited she was that I finally got a boyfriend. Both experiences are uncomfortable and painfully embarrassing. 


5. They Can Actually Make Your Boobs Saggier

I was a firm believer for years that not wearing a bra would make my boobs saggy. How wrong I was... It seems there is evidence that the opposite is true. A study found that those who wore bras were more at risk for not developing supporting breast tissue, which can lead to saggy boobs. 

It may be a gesture to my inner child, but I never had a ceremonial bra burning. I still own all of my bras (even the extra padded push-ups). They’re just hiding away in the back of my underwear drawer, waiting for the day they can ruin another outfit. 

Arianna V
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