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How Body Positivity Became My Theme for World Health Day

For those of you that didn’t know, today is World Health Day. This is one unofficial holiday that I can actually get behind (still not completely convinced by ‘National Deep Dish Pizza Day’). In honor of the holiday, today I’ll be focusing on being healthy in a way that never before seemed authentic.

Spreading the message of body positivity and educating people on the issues that surround it have been a main focus for the women behind Jewel Toned. Our CEO and founder spent years working in the intimates fashion world and realized that there was a psychological phenomenon that every woman seemed to share – a discomfort and sense of shame felt towards shapewear.

Women are often excited to purchase a new lingerie set and we’ve all seen (and unfortunately bought into) the advertisements that tell women that the latest push up bra will give them a sense of power. There’s no sense of empowerment being sold with a pair of briefs that take longer to put on and take off than most of our Tinder dates last. Shapewear is like the black sheep of the intimates family. It only comes in mute colors like black and beige and you hardly ever see images of women looking powerful or even happy in it.

Aerie Men campaign

These issues surrounding body image and labeling women’s sizes are no longer hiding in the dressing room. The topic of body positivity, which pushes back against the idea that women are not beautiful enough as they are, has become ever-present. With, albeit controversial, campaigns like American Eagle’s #AerieMan ‘Body Positive’ videos and Glamour Magazine’s first ever plus-size issue, the body positive movement has taken a stance against traditional beliefs of ideal shapes, sizes and weights for women.

Jewel Toned is one of the forces working to change the game and ultimately the learned ideas of beauty. By creating a line of intimates that’s message is as bold as it’s pieces are colorful, Jewel Toned is adding a body positive message to an industry and category of fashion that has never really before been about the uniqueness of the individual wearing the pieces. After trying Jewel Toned’s sliming pieces I realized that they aren’t like traditional shapewear pieces that suck you in like a stuffed sausage. They hugged my curves in all the right places. What I liked even more about the company is that the women behind the pieces want every woman to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Since joining the Jewel Toned team, I’ve learned this one truth about the way I think about my body and myself. My shape, size, and weight may fluctuate, but my self-esteem shouldn’t. So today, to celebrate World Health Day, I won’t be juicing to loose an extra couple of pounds or hitting the gym for an extra hour. I’ll be celebrating my natural shape and loving all of my curves.

Glamour Magazine Plus Size Jewel Toned

Arianna V
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