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    Every Beach/Pool Is Your Runway

    Every Beach/Pool Is Your Runway
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    Summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means: bikini season. This is a dreaded time for a lot of women, as they are afraid of...

    How Yoga Makes Me A Better CEO

    Posted on 1 comment
    The Jewel Toned team at Yoga Glo I feel there are some major misconceptions about yoga. For starters, it’s not always relaxing. Actually, during the class, yoga causes me anxiety,...

    All I Wanna Do is Look Like Liv: The 90’s Edition

    Posted on
    It’s hard to be the cool kid in town, but if you are Liv Tyler, it’s just plain easy. Yes you may be the daughter of Steven Tyler and can...

    A Beautiful Life. Getting to know Tara Mackey.

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      We love, love, love Tara from Organic Life Blog and Tara Mackey Music. She’s one of the most kind, positive and driven people we know – and we love...

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