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Sugarfree Shapewear Selfies With Sprinkles On Top

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Oh yes. We hope you're hungry because we're serving up another round of #sugarfreeselfie goodness. This week, red is giving black a run for its money in this Major Mini showdown. Want your #sugarfreeselfie to show up in our blog? Follow @jeweltoned on Instagram, then tag us and use #sugarfreeselfie when you post. Gotta love those hashtags. ;)

Red Major Mini Jewel Toned

Red Major Mini No Bra Jewel Toned

First up for this week is Rosamina in the Jewel Toned Major Mini Dress in red. #Lookmanobra means a completely smooth line in the back. It also means... no bra. Now that the weather's getting hot, there is no better feeling than support without wires. After all, we are women, not robots! Just say no to wires. 

Curvy Girl Jewel Toned Major Mini LBD

Allexa D'Alessio is next. She has truly killed it with pigtails, cat eye sunnies, fuchsia lips AND a taco shirt with her Jewel Toned Major Mini LBD. There's no question where she's posting from (The Best Coast), and we can't wait to see more of her California casual summer style.

Jewel Toned Yoga Shorts LBD

Sadaí posted one more shot for us, with a pair of Street Smart Bike Shorts peeking out from under her #LBD. Versatility is the name of the game with these shorts! Yoga shorts, bike shorts, under-too-short-cutoffs shorts, cover my a$$ on a windy day in a flowy dress shorts... The possibilities are endless!

Red Major Mini Dress Shaper  
And all the way from Austria, here's SeaBlueEyesBlog in our Red Major Mini Dress. Comfy enough to lounge around in, whether it's for a photoshoot or real life!

Jewel Toned Major Mini LBD Shapewear

And of course there's lovely Le-Jolie looking casual chic in her Major Mini LBD. We love, love, love the way she styled her Jewel Toned Major Mini Dress so if you're stuck for styles, definitely click through to her blog and see what she did.

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